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Institute Revenue Share

Institute Revenue Share

There is Rs. 100,000/- annual platform fee (but can be waived off for the institutions on case to case basis) to create and host a course on Vlearny. Institute can publish as many paid courses as you like (free courses are not allowed and the minimum price of a course should be Rs. 1000/-). We believe in a sustainable partnership, where institutes are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and Vlearny is rewarded for driving new students to our institutes.

On Single Course Purchases:

• Organic Traffic Sales: 50% on net revenue share on organic sales where no Institute Coupon/affiliate link is used. Organic sales occur after a user browses the Vlearny marketplace for courses, and/or makes a purchase during limited promotional offers.
• Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales: In order to optimize your sales, we partner with affiliates across our global networks or pay for advertising for your course. Depending on the partner or the costs of the advertising, the revenue share may vary but will be 25% in most cases to acquire those new users. Most of the cases, institutes will get 25% to 35% institute revenue share if the course is sold through Paid User acquisition Channel and/or third-party consultants.

On Subscription/ Membership purchases:

• Through “Institute Coupon Code“ Sales:
An “Institute coupon code” will be issued to each institute. Any new and first time membership sales made through this code institute will get 10% commission/ revenue share on the membership/ subscription purchased by the students for the first time. In this case, students will directly make the membership payment to Vlearny. This coupon code is applicable only for the “Membership/ Subscription” Sales and not for individual course sales. This 10% revenue share directly will be paid to the institute’s bank account every month. Students will not get any membership discount during purchase for this. Any other coupon code will be nullified.

Student’s benefit for membership purchase through “Institute Coupon Code“:
Any sales made through institute coupon code students will get 10% additional discount on the membership and/or subscription levels purchased by the students. This discount directly will be adjusted during the membership activation payment.
Example: If the annual membership fee is Rs. 10,000/- then the student will pay Rs. 9000/- (after 10% discount) and institute revenue share will be Rs. 9000 X 10% = Rs. 900 for each membership is sold through “institute coupon code”.

Terms & Conditions:
(i) Revenue Share for ‘Organic traffic sales’ and ‘Paid acquisition channel sales’ are applicable for ‘Single course purchase’ only, and not for membership sales. Revenue share for Membership Sales are for against the “institute Coupon code” only (ii) as memberships are generally of annual memberships, in case institute wishes to stop the relationship with Vlearny then the active courses and/or already sold courses, maybe individual course sale and/or access through existing memberships will be available for students. The course will be unavailable from the platform latest by 12 months from the date of requesting to stop such relationship (ii) institutes accept that Vlearny will have unconditional rights for lifetime of the company to produce, reproduce, distribute, share, sales, digitally store, resale, change the price of any amount, licensing to the third-party access, own subsidiary companies to generate sales, and Vlearny will be the rights holder for the content; also, institutes are free to use their same contents anywhere they want and Vlearny will not have any objections (vi) institutes will upload courses through their institute Vlearny account login. (vii) institute revenue share model is applicable for new membership sales to students only, and any renewals will not be considered for the revenue share payment. However, every year new students come to the institutes. Any new membership sold with new login ids will be considered for the institute revenue share. (vii) No revenue will be shared with the individual teacher/ instructors if the courses are uploaded through institute Vlearny login. Any revenue share arrangement, if any, needs to be done in between institute and their teachers. (viii) The calculation as mentioned above will be done by the Vlearny at the stipulated time and final revenue share of each institute will be shared. Any request for any dispute resolution in this regard should be raised to Vlearny in writing within 30 days of such revenue share every month. If it is not raised within the 30 days of the period, the settlement will be considered as the dispute free.

On special courses like bundled courses, certificate, diploma or degree courses:

Vlearny can create anytime and any number of types of courses in a combination of one or multiple institutes’ uploaded courses together and/or adding new from own or third-party content/ courses or lessons in full or parts. This is to provide students with more course offering and increasing the chance of more acceptable course sales. In that case, the basic sales approach would be either one time (single course) sales and/or subscription-based approach. If it is in combination with single institute’s different courses then above mentioned single course and subscription/membership (new sale through Institute codes only) revenue share with the institute will remain unchanged. But if the course was designed of multiple institutes’ course contents then for single time course purchase, net 50% revenue Vlearny will keep, and remaining net 50% revenue (for organic sales and 25% to 35% for paid acquisition channel sales) will be divided equally among all institutes for that particular special course. For subscription sales, the same above mentioned revenue share will be paid to the partnering institutes through their respective membership sales to their acquired students through the institute’s coupon code.

Reporting & Revenue Tracking:

Institutes can track all one-time incoming sales in their Revenue Report. However, the subscription type of revenue share model includes a lot of manual engagement, and Vlearny will share the details every month along with the payout to the institutes.

Pay-out Day:
We provide, may provide, 15-30 Days money-back guarantee to our students. Every month between 7th. And 10thof the day the pay-out is given to the institutes. For example, any sales happened during the calendar month, Say May, the pay-out will be provided on 7th. July.

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