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Instructors’ Onboarding process

Instructors onboarding process:

(Please note: we get a lot of applications from instructors but only a few pass our quality process. We are sorry for that if your application is rejected and/or do not hear from us within 2-3 working days. You may apply anytime in future again.)

**All Steps are MANDATORY (ignore if already done any steps mentioned below):

1.’Sign up’ in www.vlearny.com website, and click “become an instructor”, fill the application. Wait for the approval mail from our end.

IMPORTANT: user name (during sign up) be careful. That is NOT your actual name, it will be short (no space) for the login id. The actual details you need to mention after login > edit profile section> update photo, full name, qualification (in position), Bio > “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page. Once the account is created you cannot change the user id (user name/ login id) which you are putting during sign up.

2.Go to your account, update the photo and short Bio in your Vlearny account profile

  1. Upload/send the latest photo and short bio (Sample Bio format: https://vlearny.com/teachers/sumitra-shankar/) to create an instructor’s profile page and “know your instructor video”.
  2. Send/Upload here 10 mins “Sample course video” of the course you want to teach for quality check and approval. We will reach out to you in case your sample video and profile is selected for the course upload on our platform.
  3. Wait for our feedback and approval before you are onboard.
  4. Start making courses and upload videos on your own and wait for approval.
  5. Please note, merely uploading courses you do not become eligible for revenue share. Read https://vlearny.com/revenue-share/and https://vlearny.com/important-terms/
  6. To get payout: visit and follow the instructions:  https://vlearny.com/bank-details/

Create the curriculum, and upload all course files here: https://vlearny.com/upload/

(must compress and edit (if required) the video files before uploading else it will be rejected)

Any query, please send an email to instructorsupport@vlearny.com

Note: Any doubt on our policy and/or process, if you have, you may wish to opt-out your association with Vlearny anytime. We are trying to make a platform where we can support the instructors community and support students of any standard for their better education in affordable learning option for parents. We are transparent and all the policies are clearly mentioned on our website. Before referring any instructors please you read all these policies for your better understanding and long term relationships.

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