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VLEARNY Journal Issues

A peer reviewed Management journal

VLEARNY Journal of Business
(A peer reviewed Management Journal)                               (Online) ISSN: 2584-2935
Frequency: Quarterly                                                   Vol. 1 Issue 2, 2024 ( April – June)

1.2 Index & Cover page

1.2.0 VLEARNY Journal of Business: Forging Ahead with Purpose (Editorial)
Dr. Sumit Saha

1.2.1. Artificial Intelligence in Education: Educators’ Perspective
Dr. Manjunath S

1.2.2 Prevailing Challengesfaced by clients in managing Saas/ Software licenses subscription, renewal, and support in B2B
Dr. Kunal Joshi

1.2.3 Brand Extension in the era of social media: Leveraging user- generated content for success
Dr. S SaiGanesh, and Prof. Parameswaran

1.2.4 Theoretical knowledge and understanding of theory leads to shape research: A practical argument
Dr. M Julias Ceasar

1.2.5 Exploring the Dynamics of job satisfaction and employee engagement in IT/ITes industries
Nanjaraje S. Urs, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Dr. T. Lavanya Kumari, and Dr. Anouja Mohanty

1.2.6 Merger of HDFC Bank & HDFC Ltd., : A Well defined product penetration & Cross- Selling strategy (Case Analysis With Teaching Note)
Dr. Sumit Saha

1.2.7 Sell: The art, the Science, the Witchcraft (Book Review)
Gokul Krishnan, and Kaviyarasan K

VLEARNY Journal of Business
(A peer reviewed management journal)                               (Online) ISSN: 2584-2935
Frequency: Quarterly                                           Vol. 1 Issue 1, 2024 ( January – March)

1.1 Index & Cover page

1.1.0 Pioneering Excellence: The debut of Vlearny Journal of Business & Managerial Efficacy (Editorial)
Dr. Sumit Saha

1.1.1. Computation of Plant’s happiness score: A new horizon of urban planning and management
Dr. Sumit Saha, and Arvind Perumbeti

1.1.2 Revamping the tourism and hospitality industry in Karnataka through enhanced customer experience
Dr. Sekappa N Makkalageri

1.1.3 TCS recruitment scandal:It’s time to recheck corporate recruiting system
Jeevan M, Vignesh M, Preeth Raj, Shreya S, Vanishree

1.1.4 Relevance of Social exchange theory in B2B situation
Kunal R Joshi, and Dr. D Anand

1.1.5 Knowledge as power: Unravelling the impact of education on women’s empowerment in India
Dr. Sankarsan Tokdar

1.1.6 Navigating the future: A glimpse into the emerging technologies shaping our world
Dr. SaiGanesh Somasekaran, Dr. Amulya Prasad Panda, and Dr. Shweta Tewari

1.1.7 Air India Acquisition: Eight decades of being Maharaja (Case Analysis)
Dr. Sumit Saha

1.1.8 22 immutable Laws of Marketing (Book Review)
Jeevan M, Shalini Kumari, Mudit Srivastava, and Sudeesh Dande

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