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Plagiarism Check

Maintain your dignity and research ethics...

Plagiarism check is important for any author/ researcher to submit the research work for the publication/ thesis submission. This definitely increases the chances of acceptance of your submitted manuscript for the publication.

To avail this service:
Please send your manuscript/ article/ thesis to support@vlearny.com along with the payment screenshot (mandatory).

Upto 100 pages:
24-48 Hours: Rs. 250/-
1-24 hours: Rs. 350/-

101- 350 pages:
24-48 Hours: Rs. 450/-
1-24 hours: Rs. 550/-

i) Please note that we do not offer plagiarism remove service. Author will get the Turnitin report generated by Turnitin software.
ii) The plagiarism report will be sent to your respective email id (from which you sent the request email) as per the request and payment.
iii) After sharing the Turnitin plagiarism report if you change your manuscript and again want to know the similarity, in that case, you need to send the updated manuscript to above email id after making fresh payment as mentioned above. This will be considered as the new request for the plagiarism check.

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