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Instructor Revenue Share

Terms of Use

There is no fee to create and host a course on Vlearny, and you can publish as many free (not encouraged much) and paid courses as you like. We believe in a sustainable partnership, where instructors are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and Vlearny is rewarded for driving new students to our instructors.

On Single Course Purchases:

  • Organic Traffic Sales: 50% on net revenue share on organic sales where no Instructor Coupon/affiliate link is used. Organic sales occur after a user browses the Vlearny marketplace for courses, or makes a purchase during limited promotional offers.
  • Through “Instructor Coupon Code“: In case Instructors want to get the discount coupons for their own students then they can write a request email to get the “Instructor coupon code”. Any sales made through that code instructors will get 10% of net revenue share irrespective of the membership and/or subscription levels sold by them. This coupon code is applicable only for the “Membership/ Subscription” Sales and not for individual course sales. This commission is more and above the instructor’s regular revenue share for applicable any other model, and will be paid with their monthly commission paid time.
  • Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales: 25% to 35% instructor revenue share in most cases. In order to optimize your sales, we partner with affiliates across our global networks or pay for advertising for your course. Depending on the partner or the costs of the advertising, the revenue share may vary but will be 25% in most cases to acquire those new users.

On Subscriptions “Assured Royalty” program (Applicable only for individual instructors) : 

Vlearny honours every instructor’s effort to make this platform a success. We also believe they are our flag carrier and true stakeholders in making of Vlearny global. Vlearny instructors can earn revenue from subscribed users based on a royalty system. Each month, a maximum of upto 30% of net revenue from Vlearny’s total net membership subscription revenue earned (Single course sales are different and mentioned in above, and should not be included in net membership subscription net revenue calculation. That is more and above of this to the instructors) for that month goes to a ‘royalty pool’ for Instructors. The remaining revenue goes towards marketing and promoting courses by the company professionals (not by the third-party), supporting and investing in the website and platform, and running the day-to-day operations of our business. It is obvious that if any Tax paid to the local governing authority of that country, commissions paid for the membership sold by the third-party sales and/or marketing consultant, commissions paid to instructors for membership sales through “instructors coupon code” separately, and/or commission, if paid, to third party marketing/ institutional channel for enhancement of the sales, will be considered and deducted at the time of calculating net revenue of membership sales.

Through our assured royalty model, not applicable for institutes and/or companies, active instructors are paid out based on their total number of courses on the platform each month. For example, if Vlearny gets $6000 revenue through subscriptions sales in one month, $1000 is paid to third party consultants, instructors coupons, Tax etc (so net revenue from membership sales is $6000 – $1000 = $5000) and 500 eligible courses are there in our platform from 300 active instructors, then maximum  30% X $5000 / 500 = $3 revenue (maximum) is for each course is calculated. Now if one instructor has 5 courses (and each course has a minimum of 20 active students enrolled) uploaded in the platform then (s)he will get 5 X $3 = $15 straight away one-time payment for all new subscribers for that particular month, irrespective of that the students watching their courses or not. This gives a fair chance to all instructors to earn equally provided they create and upload their best quality courses.

Terms & Conditions: (i) as memberships are generally of annual memberships, in case instructor wishes to stop the relationship with Vlearny then the active courses and / or already sold courses, maybe individual course sale and/or access through existing memberships)  will be available for students. The course will be unavailable from the platform latest by 12 months from the date of requesting to stop such relationship (ii) any course will be eligible only if the courses are a minimum of the 4 hours of video duration (not the total course duration), not a free course, and each course has a minimum of 20 active paid students enrolled (students enrolled for free will not be counted). Below 4 hours of uploaded video course contents, and less than 20 active paid students at any point in time, of that course, will not be eligible for this royalty. (iv) eligible courses count is based on all unique courses. One course may be reflected in a different category for the representation and category marking, but unique and same courses will be considered as one and will not be counted in multiples. (v) For any courses under this assured royalty program, and/or royalty received for any course, irrespective of any time period and/or active/inactive status of the instructor,  instructors accept that Vlearny will have unconditional rights for lifetime of the company to produce, reproduce, share, sales, digitally store, resale, change the price of any amount, licensing to the third-party access, own subsidiary companies to generate sales, and Vlearny will be the rights holder for the content; also, instructors are free to use their same contents anywhere they want and Vlearny will not have any objections  (vi) This assured royalty model is applicable and/or given to the individual instructors who upload courses through their individual login. The assured royalty model is not applicable for the courses uploaded through Education institute and/or Company Vlearny login ids. (vii) Assured revenue share model is applicable for new membership sales to students only, and any renewals/ plan upgrade will not be considered for the revenue share payment. However, new membership sold with new login ids will be considered as new sales for the assured revenue share pool. (viii) Most Importantly, Vlearny will not share any total and/or partial company revenue details (earned from subscriptions/ memberships) due to confidentiality. The calculation as mentioned will be done by the company at the stipulated time and final revenue share of each instructor will be shared. Vlearny reserves the rights to decide the percentage of revenue share to be declared for the “Assured Royalty Pool” and it may vary month to month due to the business conditions and business decisions made by Vlearny management.  Importantly, Changes, dispute resolution, and/or implementation of this is solely on Vlearny management. Any request and dispute resolution in this regard will not be accepted. Instructors have the option to opt-out for the assured royalty program anytime in case (s)he is not happy with the policy. 

Can I Opt-out from the Assured Royalty Program?

By default, all active instructors are eligible to get the royalty for all eligible courses, in case, any instructor does not want to abide by the above rules /policies/ has any doubt on Vlearny, he/she can send a request to opt-out from this program sending an email to support@vlearny.com, and he/she will not get any future royalty. Please note that this program is to help the instructor to get some revenue from Vlearny side as a gesture and Vlearny expects the mutual faith and understanding to run this program. Any decision and dispute resolution will be solely on Vlearny management decision and will be full and final.

On the subscription model, the size of the royalty pool fluctuates from month-to-month. The fluctuations are based on new subscribers, as well as the costs of operating the website (such as video hosting), our marketing and promotion of courses, third party consultant’s fees and/or commissions paid additionally for coupon codes, Tax etc. Still, it is always true that the more students buy our subscriptions, the higher the share of the monthly royalty pool you will earn. 

You must accumulate a minimum of INR 1000 (and not carry forward) of royalty across all of your courses every calendar month in order to receive a payment for that month. Please note, ‘Free’ courses will not be counted towards royalty payments calculation.

On special courses like bundled courses, certificate, diploma or degree courses:

Vlearny can create anytime and any number of types of courses in a combination of one or multiple instructors’ courses together and/or adding new from own or third-party content/ courses or lessons in full or parts. This is to provide students with more course offering and increasing the chance of more acceptable course sales. In that case, the basic sales approach would be either one time (single course) sales and/or subscription-based approach. If it is in combination with one instructor’s different courses then above mentioned single course and subscription revenue share with the instructor will remain unchanged. But if the course was designed of multiple instructors’ course contents then for single time course purchase, net 50% revenue Vlearny will keep, and remaining net 50% revenue will be divided equally among all instructors for that particular special course. In case, the commission is paid to the partner institution then that amount will be considered and deducted for net revenue calculation and share.

In case of subscription or membership sales of these special courses, it will be shared as per the above mentioned up to 30% royalty pool concept among all the active individual instructors’ personal revenue share. Institutes and/or companies will not be eligible for this assured royalty program mentioned above.

Reporting & Revenue Tracking:

Instructors can track all one-time incoming sales in their Vlearny account Statistics section, Revenue Report. However, the subscription type of revenue (assured royalty) share model includes a lot of manual engagement, and sharing details may not be possible. In any case, Vlearny’s decision will be final. Also, Vlearny holds complete rights for revenue share distribution in case of any dispute, request for company sales details, legal case, escalations, and/or foul play will not be accepted under any condition.

Pay-out Day:

We provide, may provide, 15-30 Days money-back guarantee to our students. Every month between 7th. And 10thof the day the pay-out is given to the instructors. For example, any sales happened during the calendar month, Say May, the pay-out will be provided on 7th. July.



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