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Kavita Srivastava, M.Sc

Kavita Srivastava

Qualification: M.Sc in Forensic Science

Experience: I, Kavita Srivastava have completed M.Sc in Forensic Science from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHUATS), Prayagraj and B.Sc in Genetics, Chemistry and Microbiology from MNR Degree College, Osmania University. I have six years of experience in a private Forensic Science Laboratory, Bangalore and has reported many cases in Questioned Documents, Fingerprints, Forensic Serology, DNA Fingerprinting, Physio-chemical field, Cyber forensics, Photography in cases related to forged documents, Fingerprints, email authentication, motor vehicle accident cases etc. and visited courts for trials. I have also worked in many laboratory technique institutes and in administration department over the years and have also conducted workshops for Judges, Advocates, students and new trainees in Judicial academy, Colleges, Banks, Forensic Science Laboratories etc. I have also worked as a guest faculty for B.Sc. students at NIT, Trichy, Kumaraguru College, Coimbatore etc. My areas of academic interests are Forensic Biology, DNA Fingerprinting.

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