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Welcome to VLEARNY!!

COVID-19 has revolutionized the way we think about education. The Educational Sector all over the world needs to act, adapt, and rethink how to innovate learning by creating a new benchmark and standard of quality while delivering education.

We at VLEARNY are here to bridge that gap which has apparently got created due to the pandemic worldwide.

We are here to upskill and would like to invite you to partner with us and mutually wade through the uncertainty during the pandemic. Together YOU and WE could create world-class content material thereby to achieve better standards in delivering knowledge via our online platform and customized course material and move away from the stereotype modules making every penny worth from the student point of view.

Breaking free from a brick and mortar traditional rigid style of learning to a “LEARN WHEREVER, WHENEVER, WHATEVER” VLEARNY is here to take education to new levels.

As is known with regard to the benefits of an OPEN ONLINE Module not to mention flexibility, cost-effectiveness, better networking, better instructor-student engagement, Any Time Access to expertise, VLEARNY is ready to partner with you and take you along in the journey of imparting virtual education.

Universities and Colleges all over the world are getting tested for preparedness which needs sublime levels of integrated course material for an audience without disrupting learning.

We can together be a part of distributing, managing and tracking educational courseware and thereby create a world-class product in the field of knowledge.

Feel free to go through our content at https://vlearny.com/ where we have a rich library of digital courses to start with from Biochemistry to Management, Data Science to Molecular Biology, Software Development to Data Science.

Need more details on revenue share visit https://vlearny.com/institute-revenue-share/

Here is the institute presentation deck for your understanding and reference.

Be it a University or a College, Divein to partner with us as we take that plunge into imparting tailor-made courseware with you. You create your content, upload in our portal free, encourage students to take membership for unlimited access of your courses and all other available courses in the website, and also reach out to the global students, and create an extra revenue source through this partnership. We are just an email away: corporatesupport@vlearny.com

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